If a webcomic updates for the first time in three months, is anybody left to read it?

I’m well aware that I’ve pretty much demolished whatever readership “Ryan’s Dad” had. Now I’m just finishing this up for my own benefit. (Actually, I always did this for my own benefit anyway.) On the off chance that someone else, anyone else reads this, I may as well lay out the plan for the rest of the strip.

This episode marks a natural breaking point in this story anyway, so there’ll be another break while I finish up this story. Yeah, I know. All this time and then I run what’s essentially a cliffhanger episode. But at this point, I think it’ll work better to draw up the entire story and then update 5 times a week until finished.

I’ll probably run a blog summing up the story so far before the new episodes run. Again, I’m not sure who’s left to see this, but I actually like the story I’m trying to finish here. As this episode indicates, there’s more to learn about these “astrological symbols.”

In terms of why the delay in updates… all I can tell you is a couple of “health issues” combined with a case of… well, let’s call it “burnout”. It’s a very odd thing to want to do a comic strip, to spend four years trying to do something that you like and think other people might like to, then suddenly realize that drive to do it is just gone. Poof. I know that’s an unsatisfactory answer but it’s all I’ve gone right now.

I’ll see you again soon… Promise…