So a few months ago, I get this email from a very nice lady named Anne, who works at a school in Quebec. The email was in somewhat broken English as Anne’s native tongue is French. She wanted to know if it would be possible for me to give permission to use my characters to help teach students about dealing with emotions. My style is simple enough that it can be read easily by young children. (A compliment? I’m assuming so.)

I gave it a little thought and decided “why not?” I told her that I was okay with it as long as any handouts credited me properly and I could see the handout.

It’s very interesting to see your characters speak in another language:

The handout introduces the characters by name. But there are a couple of interesting… differences…

Anne was a little concerned about the names “Rooster” and “Bomb.” I could completely understand that (especially Bomb). With Rooster it wasn’t much of an issue as I’d already established that his real name is Frederick. Bomb was a different story. I’d never established what her real name is, or even her family name. The solution is Anne’s, but I admit to liking it.

Anne rewrote a couple of strips in French. Mostly they involve kids in “emotional” situations:

And these strips are followed with questions about the situation shown. For this one, the question was: “De quelles émotions Éclaire parle t-elle?”

I hope this is of some help to the students. I know it’s very interesting to see a different take on characters you created. And it was a lot of fun to see how they “sound” in a different language.

***I’m not giving Anne’s full name or the name of the school to ensure the student’s privacy.

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